FICPA Podcasts

Federal Tax Update: The Year’s Big Tax Developments

December 30, 2019 


This week we look at the big developments in taxes for 2019 as we come to the end of the year:

  • 199A final regulations – a pre-tax season package that had to be quickly understood
  • 2019’s year end tax bills – comes in three parts, along with a good portion of the government’s full appropriations package
  • The IRS’s fascination with tax basis capital, and the profession’s reaction to the same
  • 199A FAQ – so we’ll have fewer sub-regulatory guidance items, but that doesn’t mean it all gets reviewed like regulations. Or, perhaps, be careful what you wish for…
  • States looking to extend their tax reach, but in a case with limited application SCOTUS did find there are some limits
  • Additional items beyond the top five…